Twitch Channels I Appear On Regularly

Off the Table 

Team Battle Heels 

Wandering DM 


Tales from the Grim

Tabletop RPG Shows I’ve appeared on

Tales from the Grim
Dungeon of the Mad Mage
as Garnet

Star Wars: Points of Light
as Queen Fiana Aristenes
The Witcher: The Final Age
as Ilona

Off the Table
Mouse Guard (2nd Ed.)
Episode 1: Escort the Prisoner
Part 1 | Part 2
Episode 2: Trouble in Port Sumac
Episode 3: The Fox

Unsolved Mousteries (Mouse Guard 2nd Ed.)
Episode 1: The First Moustery
Episode 2: The Second Moustery
Episode 3: The Third Moustery

Revenge of the Blood Fiend (Pathfinder)
Episode 1: Welcome to the Fete
Episode 2: Don’t Go Breaking My Heartstone
Episode 4: The End

Off The Table (GM Advice Show)
Character Creation
New GMs

Tales From Thersha (D&D 5e)
As Dane Summerlow
Episode 4: A New Plan
Episode 5: Thunder
As Agnes Summerlow
Agnes’ Backstory
Episode 6: The Guard
Episode 7: Battle at Odinico
Episode 8: With Thunder Comes Lightning
Episode 9: The Beginning of the End
Episode 10: Where Do We Go From Here?
Episode 11: Interlude Journeys
Episode 12:Drinks in LaRupe
Episode 12.5: When it Rains it Pours
Episode 13: Into the Temple in the Cliffs
Episode 14: Ska Immortal
Episode 14.5: The First Day of the Fair
Episode 15: The Universities
Episode 16: What Lies Beneath
Episode 17: The Black Crown
Episode 18: To Break a Curse
Episode 19: Across the Planes
Episode 20: Arell
Episode 20.5: Down Time
Episode 21: Northward Bound
Episode 22: A Winding Trail

The Salt Water Cure (Alas for the Awful Sea)
as GM
Episode 1: Sweat
Episode 2: Tears
Episode 3: The Sea
Episode 4: Siren Song
Episode 5: Adrift

Sagas of the Icelanders
Episode 1: The Stranger
Episode 2: The Wedding
Episode 3: Finale- Family Ties

Dear Television
Ten Candles: Across the Bridge

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