As an RPG Streamer

Twitch Channels I Appear On Regularly

Off the Table 

Team Battle Heels 

Wandering DM 

Dear Television


Tabletop RPG Shows I’ve appeared on

Team Battle Heels
Magical Fury

As Elissa
Part 1

Dear Television
Ten Candles: Across the Bridge

Star Wars: Points of Light
as Queen Fiana Aristenes
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Part 1 | Part 2

Off the Table
Mouse Guard (2nd Ed.)
Episode 1: Escort the Prisoner
Part 1 | Part 2
Episode 2: Trouble in Port Sumac
Episode 3: The Fox

Unsolved Mousteries (Mouse Guard 2nd Ed.)
Episode 1: The First Moustery
Episode 2: The Second Moustery
Episode 3: The Third Moustery

Revenge of the Blood Fiend (Pathfinder)
Episode 1: Welcome to the Fete
Episode 2: Don’t Go Breaking My Heartstone

Off The Table (GM Advice Show)
Character Creation
New GMs

Tales From Thersha (D&D 5e)
As Dane Summerlow
Episode 4: A New Plan
Episode 5: Thunder
As Agnes Summerlow
Agnes’ Backstory
Episode 6: The Guard
Episode 7: Battle at Odinico
Episode 8: With Thunder Comes Lightning
Episode 9: The Beginning of the End
Episode 10: Where Do We Go From Here?
Episode 11: Interlude Journeys
Episode 12:Drinks in LaRupe





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