As I mentioned in my 2019 TTRPG Resolutions, I’ve wanted to start streaming one-player ttrpgs on twitch for a while now, and I’ve finally started doing it!

Lately I’ve been playing Quill, a game about writing letters by Scott Malthouse. I’ve been having a really good time playing it with chat, and I love that you have this beautiful letter to remember your game by.

This letter is from the Love Letters Expansion, also by Scott Malthouse. Our Poet, Alma has realized that she is in love with her dear friend Rowan, and must write a letter expressing her feelings.

My Dearest Rowan,

It was so good to see you this past week. It has been too long since we last saw each other. We have always been good friends and one should never go too long without seeing one so dear to them. I confess that being able to see you brought me so much joy that even now the rain clouds outside my window seem friendlier.

In the days since you left, I have been reflecting on our time together and I believe that our bond cannot be described with so pedestrian a word as “friendship.” In fact, the more that I reflect on your smile and your good heart, the more I am convinced that the words used to describe us can be nothing more than Soul Mates. Yes, dear Rowan. I love you.

I think that I have always loved you, from the very moment we met. When I think back to the day our lives collided together (quite literally, as I recall!), am filled with so much light. You have been the greatest influence in my work, and I would not enjoy the fame that I do now, if it were not for your inspiration. Looking back on our friendship, I feel so foolish that I thought my feelings towards you were casual camaraderie when it is so obvious to me now that it is nothing but the most ardent affection.

I know that this must come as a surprise to you. You have never done anything to suggest that you feel this way towards me, and I was ignorant of my own passions; but we fit so well together in both body and spirit that if we were to entwine our hearts together it would create such a powerful inferno that all ills would vanish in the flame of our love. 

I do not wish to pressure you to return my feelings. I have no idea if you feel the same way, but I had to let this secret out of my heart. I could not stand the torment. Even the sorrow of rejection would soothe my heart more than the agony of this uncertainty. Even if this endeavor is tragically Ill-fated, I feel better for being honest with my heart. No matter your answer, I will support you and hold you in the highest regard.

Yours Eternally,

Alma Giraut

I am happy to report, that thanks to some clutch dice rolls, Rowan wrote back to tell Alma that he shared her feelings and they lived happily ever after 🙂

You can watch the VOD here

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