I think that a big part of making and keeping resolutions is to constantly review and re-evaluate them. Now that we’re two months in, I thought that I would re-evaluate how I’m doing.

Rededicate Myself to the Blog
Ok, so this one did not go well.  I think that since going self-hosted, I put so much pressure on myself to have incredible, viral posts every single time that I just end up getting overwhelmed and paralyzed.  I’m new to blogging and I need to remember that I’m still learning.  I am still going to try and write the best posts that I can, but I am going to be a little easier on myself.  Putting all of that pressure on myself meant that blogging wasn’t fun anymore, and why would I do something that wasn’t fun.

Spend More Time at the Library
I’ve been spending more time at the library at school, but I’ve yet to get to the public library yet, although that is going to change tonight! I’m volunteering at an event this weekend and there’s an orientation session tonight at the library.  I’m going to use it as an excuse to get to know the library better, and maybe take out some new books.

Develop Good Morning and Night Routines
I think that I’ve been making some pretty good progress with this.  Right now, the nighttime routine is a little more ingrained (thanks to some phone alarms that remind me it’s time to go to bed) but hopefully getting more sleep will make the morning routines a little easier

Get Serious about My Finances
This did not go well for me in September, and I ended up paying for it (literally) in October.  The worst is past (I hope) and I should be back on track in November.  I think that is what I like the most about how I deal with my finances.  Since I pay myself every month from my student loan money, I can always start fresh and try again.

Bike to School
In retrospect, this resolution was a little bit too ambitious for me. I’ve biked to school all of once, and I was so exhausted that I ended up being late for class and I could hardly pay attention.  I think the distance from my house to school was just a little too far for me to deal with after being relatively inactive for so long, and now it’s getting too cold to comfortably bike in the mornings. I’m going to have to find a new way to get more activity in my life in the winter.

Be a Better Student
This is maybe the only resolution that I can 100% say I’ve been doing well on. I’ve been missing less class, doing more readings, and practicing more.  After a musically disappointing September, I’ve turned a corner and I’ve been having a lot more success with singing and that translated itself into a really encouraging audition experience in October.  I have a bunch more auditions in November, so I’m going to try and continue progressing forward.

Make My House a Home
This has been a slow and stressful process for me, but Jeff and I spent this past weekend putting up mirrors and pictures, and having things on the walls has made me feel much butter about my living situation. I think by the end of the month, I should be ready to show you guys my handiwork!

Here’s to a more productive November!