When I’m not living the oh-so-glamorous life of a starving artist grad student, I work as a temp here in Halifax.  It’s a great job for someone like me because it pays above minimum wage and it allows me to be flexible with my schedule.  Also, since I’m usually on short-term assignments, I get to go to a bunch of different offices and I learn about so many different industries.  However the downside is that I become part of that 9-5 work week slog that leaves you drained at the end of the day.  I’ve had to start coming up with creative ways to make my weekday evenings a little more exciting, so I have just a little bit of time to relax and think creatively before bed.

Make Your Afternoon Snack Fancy
I usually don’t have dinner right after I get home from work, but I still feel a little bit peckish.  Right now I’m really into eating cheese and crackers with a little salami or pepperoni, and a handful of berries or sliced fruit. One day, I didn’t have any clean plates, and was about to reach for a bowl, when it hit me. Why not use a wooden cutting board! All of a sudden my cheese and crackers turned into a charcuterie board, which made me feel WAY fancier, even if I did have a sink full of dirty dishes.

Champagne Fridays
This was a tip a learned from my Aunt when my Uncle was going through cancer treatments.  They’d have a glass of champagne to celebrate the end the week.  I love the idea of celebrating the little things with as much enthusiasm as you do the big ones.  So why not pick up a little bottle of bubbly at the end of a tough day every once and a while? You deserve it.

General Libations
Maybe Champagne isn’t your thing, maybe you’re craving something else.  Whether it is a glass of wine, a mixed drink or a fancy soda, treat yourself and toast to your awesomeness. For extra fanciness, put your beverage of choice in a high ball glass and pretend you are Don Draper.

Dinner and a Movie
Take yourself out on a date, friends and significant others optional.  Go see that movie that you thought sounded kind of cool, and splurge a little to go to a restaurant or pub where someone makes your food and serves it to you. This might not be an every week thing, but if work has been particularly grueling lately, it can be nice to tune out for a few hours.

Eat Dinner at a Table
Obviously you can’t afford to eat at a restaurant every night (and if you can, why are you reading this? your life is already fancy!) so substitute by taking time to sit at an actual table for dinner, rather than sitting on your couch or over the sink. Even if you can’t eat with other people, there’s something about sitting a table to eat that feels refined and comfortable. Plus it keeps your couch way cleaner.

Slip Into Something More Comfortable
Just because you want to get out of your work clothes at the end of a long day doesn’t mean you have to put on sweats.  Change into something comfortable but still put together, or maybe wear your nicest pajamas.  If you’re feeling really fancy, throw on a bright lipstick, touch up your eyeliner, or shave off that five o’ clock shadow.  It doesn’t matter if no one else is going see it, this is about making you feel good.

Light a Candle (you know, the one you’re saving for a special occasion)
Nothing says fancy like flickering candlelight.  If you are worried about fire safety, invest in one of those battery powered candles; they look super realistic now and you’ll never have to worry about finding a match.

Have a Bubble Bath
I don’t care what you think about baths as a method of getting clean, bubble baths are way more relaxing than showers. If you can fit even a little bit comfortably in your bathtub, don’t waste the opportunity. Get a bath bomb or a nice scented bubble bath, bring that candle into the bathroom and listen to your favourite podcast (Welcome to Night Vale is my favourite bathtime choice).  You will feel so relaxed and incredibly decadent.

even if your work schedule feels mundane, that doesn’t mean that your weekdays can’t be special. Remember to treat yourself to the finer things in life every now and then.

How do you make your weekdays special? Let me know in the comments!

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